Apps For Kids

Educational Apps for Kids for iPad & iPhone

  • Work offline

    Apps work off-line so you can take them with you everywhere you go and they will be allways working. Entertening your kids.

  • Full retina pictures

    All the Apps have full retina pictures that you can pan, zoom, share or download them.

  • Create Slideshows

    Create completaly customazible slideshows with your favorite pictures or animals, sports, fruits and vegetables...

  • Universal App

    A fully universal App compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7 & 8 that works with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Pay once and download it for your iPhone and iPad.

    Studies show that use of Apps for kids in an early age helps the developing of their coordination and are great learning tools.
"My 20-month-old son loves looking at the pictures of animals and learning their names. It is a great teaching tool."
"I just love animals and so this app is perfect because I can look at beautiful pictures of animals whenever I am on my phone or ipad."
"This app is great for students because they can see the main characteristics of each city."
"Sometimes it is so nice to see pictures of different cities because it gives you motivation to travel."
"Very nice learning app. The app has a very imaginative way to teach about sports."
"Education and Health in one! I like this app a lot, and how it brings a healthy living aspect into an educational app. Well done."